Warning: Mercury Filling and Auto Immune Diseases

December 11, 2015

There is no doubt that mercury is not safe for human body and people should avoid from this mercury. But it is possible this mercury can enter human body through eating fish contaminated and foods contaminated with mercury from mercury amalgam filling in the human mouth.

Amalgam Filling

The mercury filling could off gas which release mercury vapor into human p\mouth. It is advisable to avoid mercury because it is not good for human health and suggested to have mercury filling removed.

Should people remove mercury filling?

When people have mercury filling, it is recommended to visit and contact specialize dentist in your area.

Make sure your dentist or specialist can remove mercury filling and other materials behind it. Some dental offer high rate and another dental offer cheap service especially when you are traveling to Bali, Indonesia.

It is really amazing and incredible dentist in Ubud, Bali who can remove mercury filling safely. If you have mercury filling, it is recommended to visit dental in Bali and save thousands of cash from expensive dentist.

Mercury filling and colon cleansing

There is some preparation before removal mercury filling. I recommended to take detox as well as colon cleansing. In this program, patient will cure for  days which use specific bentonite clay and fibers. The bentonite clay will bond and attract to mercury, toxin, pesticide, fiber and any heavy metals and help people to move them through digestive system.

People are also can use ayurvedic oil, liquid bentonite clay by swishing it in the mouth for ten up to fifteen minutes and pull out any toxin and heavy metals. I want to continue this colon cleanse program after dental. It can help me to remove any toxin and leached into my body.

Auto immune diseases and mercury research

Some research from prominent immunologist have linked mercury to auto immune diseases. It is new innovation and finding news from leading immunologist specialist system who show mercury toxicity and potential from getting mercury toxicity or vaccines. The mercury toxicity is potential leading to auto immune diseases such as: Alzheimer and rheumatoid arthritis.

The mercury symptom in the human body should watch out for anxiety and depression. If the research of mercury symptom poisoning and experienced, then people should to consider and do cleansing specially if people have mercury amalgam filling. It is important to know that mercury could come from various sources. It is time to get health benefits from cleansing specially from detoxes on regular basis. Get poison out and nutrition.


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