Watch 7 Signs Below to Determine if you Suffer From Diabetes

April 22, 2016

Diabetes is a major problem in the United States. Every year there are 1.4 million new diabetics. Diabetes type 2 is the most common form, characterized by high glucose levels and insulin deficiency.

Watch 7 Signs Below to Determine if you Suffer From DiabetesDiabetes causes havoc in the vascular system and various complications such as kidney damage, optic nerve damage, increased risk of heart attack, and also increased risk of stroke. This article will discuss seven early sign that confirms a person is suffering from diabetes:

1. Excessive Hunger

Excessive hunger is a typical symptom of diabetes and it is caused by diabetic’s body continues to want a steady supply of glucose, which in turn causes hunger.

2. Fatigue

High sugar content will cause fatigue that can sometimes result in irritability.

3. Increased Urination

Diabetes encourages the kidneys to work harder to get rid of blood sugar. Urination is the way used by kidneys to dispose of glucose and the more the kidneys work, the more urine to be discarded.

4. Dry and itchy skin

It is a symptom of poor circulation which is an early sign of diabetes.

5. Blurry Vision

Distorted vision can be caused by elevated blood sugar levels. High sugar levels can change the shape of the lens and if ignored will cause permanent damage to the nervous system of the eye.

6. Infection

People with diabetes tend to be more susceptible to infections caused by fungi. If you are suffering from an acute infection then you should contact a doctor immediately.

7. It is difficult to heal wounds

Diabetes can lead to difficulty in wound healing, infection, and bruising. It is caused by damage to blood vessels and arteries so they are difficult to reach different areas of the body. If you experience one or more of the above symptoms then immediately consult your doctor. For more detailed information you can see the video below.


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