What Happens When Water Is Consumed on an Empty Stomach?

April 16, 2015

Did you know that in Japan, they drink water as soon as they wake up in the morning on an empty stomach?

There is very good reasoning for this. In a recent study, Japanese scientist discovered that drinking water can heal many diseases.

Empty Stomach

These diseases include the:

-dreaded cancer,





-body aches,





-heart attack,

-rapid heartbeats,

-menstrual disorders,


-throat and ear disorders and diseases,

-asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.

But it greatly depends on when an individual drinks water too. Here is what you can do to help ward off these diseases and disorders.

To begin with, drink water on an empty stomach.

Here is how the water should be consumed.

· Before brushing your teeth or doing anything after waking up, consume 4 glasses of water that are 5 ounces each.
· Brush your teeth, but then refrain from eating or drinking anything for the next 45 minutes.
· After the 45 minute mark, you are free to eat or drink as you wish.
· After each meal, do not drink anything for at least the next 15 minutes.

If you feel you can not drink this much water at one setting, start slowly and gradually increase the amount to get to 4 glasses that are 5 ounces each.
There are many benefits to drinking water like this first thing in the morning. These include purifying the colon so nutrients can be better absorbed, increasing the production of new blood and muscle cells, helps an individual lose weight, balances out the lymph system in the body, and helps an individual have glowing skin. Using the above described treatment can clear up the following conditions in a matter of days:
· 10 days for gastric issues and constipation
· 30 days for high blood pressure and diabetes
· 90 days for tuberculosis
· 180 days for cancers
There are not any side effects to doing this other than having to use the restroom frequently.




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