Water and Naps

December 21, 2013

Water and Naps for better health!!!

Do you like drink a glass of cold water after meals?
Remember what happens to fat when you put cold water in the pan after frying. It also happens to your digestion.
The cold water will solidify oily portions of food in the stomach that are consumed during the meal and create a solid mass of it.


This mass is difficult to digest. When that mass collided with gastric acid it breaks and that mixture is absorbed in the intestines before solid food.

There is deposited and blocks intestine and other organs and leads to the formation of cancer.
Thus, after a meal try warm soup or a cup of lukewarm water or tea.

Man Napping

According to Dr. Sara C. Mednick author of the book “Take a Nap! Change Your Life” just a 15-20 minute afternoon naps can reset your system , elevate your concentration and motor skills . For this reason, many people feel a strong need for an afternoon nap .

Twenty- minute sleep contributes to the concentration and motor learning skills such as playing an instrument or writing on the computer .

Nod from 30 to 60 minutes , among other things , helps most abilities that improve your memory and is effective for learning .

Sleep from 60 to 90 minutes at a time during the day contributes to activities that require creativity then it owes to the development of the synapses in the brain .

woman napping
Dr. Mednick also notes that if you have the dilemma of whether to take a nap or drink strong coffee for better concentration, napping is certainly the better choice .

Coffee will make you more irritable and caffeine in generaly will weaken your memory .

If we add the previously known advantages for the heart of short daytime sleep in response to a question about the daily naps is that it is certainly advisable and desirable for your health .
Therefore, if you have options, time and opportunity freely indulge in a nap during the day.


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