We use Every Day, and it Causes Cancer

October 17, 2015

Lately, some doctors started talking about the harmful effects of parabens and prolonged exposure to it. Why is it harmful and why many people avoid it, find out below.

We use Every Day, and it Causes Cancer

Parabens fall into the category of food preservation products, and it is used to stop bleeding and development of micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi.

However, until recently it was used in great quantities in the production of cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, lip gloss, tooth paste, lotions) and many others.

Every day we are exposed to this substance and we rarely notice it. Research conducted in the UK showed that women applied daily 515 chemicals contained in deodorants, creams and lipsticks and paraben can be found in 90% of the products that we use daily.

The reasons why experts believe that the use of parabens is dangerous, lie in the fact that it does not decompose in the human body, but build up around the bones, heart and chest, and so incurs various cancers. They are not the only factor but certainly have an impact on the body and there must be further research said Dr. Philippa Darbre leader of the research.

Simply put, with applying deodorants that contain paraben, the body can intake 20 to 60% of the used paraben which through the skin enters the body and triggers the cancer cells.

Studies have shown that paraben can be found in samples of breast tissue in women who didn’t use deodorant for years. For this reason experts encourage the use of paraben free products that have a shorter shelf life (because there is no paraben to preserve them), but are healthier.

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