She Had a Weird Lump on Her Back and When the Doctors Cut It They Were Surprised

January 9, 2017

The body has a tendency to develop various types of lumps on different areas of the skin. Usually they are not dangerous but whenever we are faced with a lump that we are not sure about we have to check it at the doctor’ office.

No matter how harmless it looks we should really take care of situations like this in order to prevent the situation from escalating and becoming harmful to our health.

The following story is about a woman that has a strange looking lump on her lower back and she went for help to her doctor Sandra Lee. She is a renowned dermatologist and handled difficult cases every day.

When she first glanced at the lump she thought it was a larger sized blackhead. After a few more examinations she was surprised to find that she was dealing with a flat cyst that was also known as keratin cyst and was of epidermoid nature. It grew out of the ectodermal tissue and had to be remove instantly since Dr. Sandra Lee concluded that it can cause some complications.

If it is not removed this cyst can reappear in a worse shape. So Dr. Sandra had to remove that cyst and for her it was a very common procedure. What she came to find was shocking even for a world renown dermatologists.

This woman was carrying that cyst for about three years before she came to realize it was getting bigger and bigger and had to go to get it checked. The doctor couldn’t remove it as easily as some cases before because the cyst was big and after a certain period of time the cyst was out and the procedure was successful.

Everything was back to normal and the wound disappeared and the only scar that was left was the one from the incision. Watch the following video for the shocking details.

Source: myhealthylifevision

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