What causes white hair and how to slow down that process

September 22, 2014

What causes white hair and how to slow down that process

How to slow down the appearance of gray hair.
As people get older, their skin changes and their hair becomes white. This is the natural process of aging and it is impossible to avoid, but there are ways that this process can be slowed down.

What causes white hair

A few words for white hair.
Your hair becomes white when it begins to lose the natural pigment, known as melanin which is primarily responsible for skin color. Although greying of hair is a natural process, it can be caused by many other factors such as: genetics, stress, malnutrition or health disorders, and some bad lifestyle choices.

The more you smoke, the more your hair becomes white.
Speaking of bad lifestyle choices, we thought about this – smoking. Smoking accelerates the aging process of the body, including hair. The first thing you need to do is to quit this bad habit.

Goodbye to coffee, alcohol and junk food!
Too much alcohol and caffeine, and junk food is harmful for health and hair. They can only cause premature aging. Avoid fast food, limit your intake of white flour and refined sugar. This food lowers energy and you wont get anything in return from them. Your hair needs healthy foods to stay young.

Water is the name of the game!
If you are not sufficiently hydrated, nutrients will not be able to easily reach your hair follicles. That lack of hydration can cause premature whitening of hair.

Are you stressed?
White hair can be caused by stress and anxiety. If you are a long time stressed or if you are upset or concerned, your hair will faster turn gray. Control your stress by exercising relaxation techniques: yoga, deep breathing, meditation, tai chi chuan, etc..

Daily exercise helps.
Good blood circulation, and normal blood pressure is basically great prevention for gray hair. In fact, it is almost useless to consume adequate food, if they can not reach the hair follicles and thats why you need to exercise.

Ensure the blood supply to your hair by massaging it regularly with appropriate oils. Exercise daily to increase circulation and improve blood flow.

Eating chicken may reduce the appearance of grey hair? A lot!
For the production of melanin, pigmet responsible for producing hair color, you need protein. Therefore, eat foods rich in protein such as: chicken and turkey meat, sprouts and soy crops.

Take B vitamins – B2, B6, B12
The lack of these vitamins can cause gray hair. Therefore, eat whole grain bread, bananas, eggs, dairy products, poultry and green leafy vegetables.

You are what you eat.
Lack of copper can also cause significantly premature greying. One way to prevent this is to eat foods rich in this element as spinach, beef liver, sunflower seeds, lentils, almonds, seafood, egg yolks and mushrooms.

white hairOn your menu put food rich in iodine.
Iodine is an important mineral for your hair. Foods rich in iodine is banana, carrot, spinach and fish.

And selenium!
Add selenium in your menu. This foods will help: clams, tuna, salmon, corn, wheat, soybeans, brazilian nuts and sunflower seeds.

Massage your scalp.
Massage your scalp with coconut oil and lemon. And it’s a good way to keep your hair with youthful appearance. But if you really want to benefit from massages, you’ll need to do them regularly.

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