What Does Ginger Tea do to Your Body

September 8, 2015

Everyone know well Ginger. It is a super ingredients with amazing ability to enhance human immunity, reduce inflammation and develop digestion system within the body. It contains a lot of essential oils and make up flavor and distinct aroma, gingerol, shogaol and zinger one.

What Does Ginger Tea do to Your Body

Ginger’s essential oil is good for anti viral, anti parasitic, anti bacteria and anti fungal agents. Its root can promote healthy human digestion system, treat asthma, relieve pain, aids in cardio vascular and boost human immunity.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Many medical research show that Ginger is effective and efficient remedy for several kind of illness such as; cold, sore muscle, flu and headaches. Due this great benefits of Ginger, it is natural remedy to prevent prostaglandins of inflammatory response within the human body. Drink ginger tea in daily basis can increase the human immune system and make your body strength because it contain of antioxidants.

It can help you to boost human immune system and against of infection. You only need to drink just  a cup of ginger tea every day, then you will prevent for stroke illness because it can help you to block arteries and fat deposit.

Ginger tea is wonderful natural herbal for health benefits. You can develop blood circulation, increase of vitamin, oxygen and minerals delivery. It can destroy cold sore, influenza and virus for common colds.

Ginger Tea recipe

In order to make health ginger tea, there is some ingredients you have to prepare at home as follows;

– One cup of water

– ¼ tsp of ground ginger

– ¼ tsp of ground turmeric

– Coconut milk

– Raw organic honey


First, you should boil water and then add some turmeric and ginger. Second, you have to reduce heat and simmer for ten minutes. Third, you stir in milk and strain your tea into one cup. Last, you can add honey or raw organic honey to taste.

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