What Happens When People Stop Eat Sugar?

October 30, 2015

Based on North Carolina University, average twenty percent of American population exceeds seven hundred calories of sugar on daily basis. Many people dipped in honey and average people shovel three hundred calories from added sugar. People get added sugar from candy, cake, soda and healthier foods such as: pasta sauce, yogurt and salad.

What Happens When People Stop Eat Sugar


People with high consumption will show addict to sugar withdraw symptom include depression and anxiety. What happen if you stop consume?

Here are some case to consider:

–  Heart will free and happy dance. It is important to know that added sugar chronic can raise insulin level and activate sympathetic nervous system, increase heart rate and blood pressure.

–  Free of acne trigger. Some research show that people with non soda drinks and consume 12 ounce per day for three weeks, the inflammation level can increase up to 87 percent.

–  Free of diabetes. People with addict added sugar can promote and buildup fatty. It can contribute to insulin resistance and undermine work by pancreas.

Consume 150 calories of added sugar will contribute eleven times to develop type 2 diabetes.

–  Free of fake smile.  Once people stop eat sugar, they will feel better than ever. People with free of added sugar will get free from anxiety, mood swings and irritability.

–  Get sleep well

–  Increase brain memory. Added sugar hind memory and learning point. Eating a lot can damage communication system in brain cell.

–  Lose extra weight up to 10 pounds. Replacing with other healthier foods such as: sugary granola bar can decrease and reduce 10 pounds of weight within 5-6 months.

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