Best Natural Remedy for Stomach Acids

September 27, 2013


What is the Best Remedy for Stomach Acids?

Acids are one of the most common enemies of the stomach. There are many medications that your doctor will prescribe to protect you against acids, but there is only one natural remedy for them.

Stomach Acids


Acids can erode your stomach and you will feel like the food that you eat is coming back to your throat, with a completely different taste.

The simplest and easiest cure for acid in the stomach is rice.

Rice is a natural cure for stomach acid which simply replaces all pills prescribed by the doctor. It is enough to take only 9 alive grains of rice and to drink a glass full of water. The liquid (stomach acid) is absorbed by the rice and then easily disposed out of the body.

If you often have stomach acids is not recommended to consume live rice grains. In that case you need to visit your doctor and to make further testing.

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