What You Need To Know About The HPV Vaccination

November 25, 2015

A grant was awarded to professor Genevieve Rail of Canada’s Concordia University to study the effects of the HPV vaccination on the public.  The amount was for $270,000.  The root of cervical cancer is from HPV, also known as human papilloma virus.


The HPV vaccination is known to reduce ovarian cancer and has received remarkable praise.  However the study by Rail has some questioning the safety and benefits of the vaccine. There can be adverse reactions from having this vaccine done.

These include chronic fatigue to chronic seizure to partial and complete paralysis. Sadly, this vaccine, which was once only pushed onto teenage girls, is also being used on teenage boys as a way to prevent cancer.

In the study, 170 teenage girls were given the vaccination. Rail says that of these subjects, many were too tired now to go to school after receiving the three shot series, as a result of the shots.

Just take into consideration that a few years ago, Dr. Diane Harper, who helped develop Gardasil, came out and said that it was not only ineffective but also dangerous.  She also stated that 98% of HPV warts will heal on their own within a year or two.

Pap smears should be administered to look for signs of cervical cancer.

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