What Your Toothpaste Bottom Color Really Means

May 8, 2015

Ever wonder what the bottom color of the toothpaste means? Or maybe you did not even realize that there was a color on the tube that gives out some important information?

Toothpaste Bottom Color

Each and every tube of toothpaste is labeled with a color, depending on what they are composed of. If you look at the end of the tube of toothpaste, there will be a colored square on the end.

Each square color means something different:

· Green- the toothpaste is all natural

· Red- the toothpaste is natural and also has chemicals in it

· Blue- the toothpaste is natural but also contains medicines

· Black- the toothpaste contains chemicals

While some are firm believers that the box color has nothing to do with the toothpaste, there are a variety of sources that state the colors are correct. While the decision is 100% yours, it is always nice to be informed of what each color could potentially mean.


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