Why are People With Blood Type 0 So Special?

October 7, 2015

Did you know that the primary blood type of our ancestors was type O?  In order to be able to survive,our ancestors had to be cunning hunters who observed the environment. These are all amazing qualities.

Why are People With Blood Type 0 So Special

But there are some other amazing qualities to those that have type O blood.  They are able to stay focused, have power and energy and often possess leadership.  They are productive and proactive.

They are often optimistic and are strong and often lead a long life.

Japanese people say that those with type O Blood have a certain personality.  They are often organized, responsible, focused, practical, committed and conscientious.  They are often seen as being more logical.

However, these individuals are seeing adverse effects on the metabolism.  They will often see obesity, low thyroid gland and insulin resistance.  This is due to the stress levels, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of exercise.  These individuals may become angry, hyperactive, and impulsive.

Those that have this blood type often have ulcers with a higher stomach acid.  This will result in stomach irritation.  They may also have thyroid dysfunctions.  They may have inadequate iodine in the body, and can often be fatigued and have fluid retention.

Should you have type O blood, you can use these tips to help lead a better life:

1. Eat meals sitting down, always chewing food well.

2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  Drinking these will elevate the adrenaline and nonadrenaline levels in the body, which are often high in individuals with this blood type.

3. Exercise at least 3 to 4 times per week.  Make sure to exercise if you also carry excessive weight.

4. Set goals that are clear and avoid impulse.

5. Do not make decisions when stressed.   If you find that you are very tired, depressed or bored, be on the lookout as these behaviors do cause self destruction.

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