Why Chocolate is Good for Your Brain?

December 26, 2015

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Why chocolate is good for your brain

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Is chocolate comfort food for ultimate brain?

Based on recent research, chocolate is good for brain function and can improve every people brain function as you get from aerobic workout. But, people should have not eat a lot or overeating of it. I am talking about 1 kilogram of pure unrefined cocoa-powder and if you prefer to taste of candy bar like I do about forty four pounds of chocolate candy in everyday, based on Oxford university press.

There is a lot of sugar. For this research which was published at natural neuroscience journal, a group of scientist from Columbia University and New York University gave regular doses of flavanol extract from cocoa-powder to amount of healthy fifty to sixty nine year old subject. From half of participant were given small doses of flavanol and 50 percent give large doses of flavanol for total 3 months.

As anticipated, people who received high doses of flavanol were reported to get high memory function rather than normal people who get small doses of flavanol. The older people vrain do not get benefits from all task which seem from few subject because it has high inconsistent with loads of other references on this article.

Either way, people could use this research as excuse to enjoy their favorite chocolate bar time by time and eat it frequently, if the scientist could agree on wherever they stand.

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