Why Mountain Dew is Terrible Drink For You

February 1, 2016

There were epidemic, wars, hunger, diseases break out and poverty in the human history. It destroyed millions people life and we know hate them all. This killer didn’t have anything addict and nowadays there is colored sugary drink, Mountain dew which have drunk by million people.

Why Mountain Dew is Terrible Drink For You

The mountain dew formula was invented by ally Hartman and barney in 1940 and changed by Bill Bridgforth in 1958. The mountain Dew was bought by tip corporation of Marion.  The mountain dew were sold to pepsi cola in the 1960 and Bill become owner of green monster. Nowadays, mountain dew is popular in some region such as: the Appalachian mountain dew.

Now, many people know that mountain dew is terrible drink and killing many people. Everyone just blind their eyes drinking this sugary drink.

– Mountain dew is acidic. Our parent told us that battery is acidic. It has pH 1, pepsi and coke have ph 2.5 and mountain dew has ph 3. The mountain dew is so acidic than battery and pepsi.

– Mountain dew could destroy human reproduction system. There is one rumor that mountain dew have been shrinking manhood. It is not to be proven and the impact is not unrelated. The mountain dew bottle/can comes with hormone with BPA. It can protect can/bottle from getting eaten up by acid.

One research has been showed that mountain dew has compound that impact to infertility rate includes; cardiovascular diseases, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive system cancer and beta cell changes in the pancreas.


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