Why People Should Avoid Soy Milk – 10 Shock Reason to Consider

October 29, 2015

Some studies show that soy is not good enough healthy is increasing, most nutritional advising and guidelines Americans to drink soy milk and soy.

Why People should Avoid Soy Milk – 10 Shock Reason to Consider

It is important to know and understand that soy milk is not good enough as alternative foods. Consume soy milk too much can harm than benefits for your health.

Here are 10 sock reasons why people should avoid soy milk

Soy milk ingredients:

– Sea salt
– Carrageenan
– Cane sugar
– Vitamin A palmitate
– Soy milk
– Vitamin D2
– Natural flavor
– Vitamin B12
– Calcium carbonate
– Riboflavin

Reason one: Soybeen is rich of anti nutrients and natural toxins. Taking too much or 2 glasses of soy milk could bring radical changes especially for women in menstrual cycle.

Reason two: Soy milk consumption can bring trigger and increased need for vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Reason three: Soybeans is produced and packed with haemagglutinin. It is substance in promoting leads and clot to clump of red blood cells.

Reason four: Only one percent of soy milk is modified of GMO and it is not genetically. The soy milk come with highest level of pesticide contamination among these foods that people usually eat.

Reason five: Soy milk products are include soybean of phytic acid. This phytic acid have great ability to absorb copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium.

Reason six: The soy is completely packed with toxic aluminum and have negative impact on the human kidney and nervous system. It has been related with Alzheimer diseases development.

Reason seven: Soy food come with resemble vitamin B12. The substance could not be processed by human body and soy food is B12 deficiency.

Reason eight:The soy protein is treated in high temperature during all soy production process. On this process, the manufacturer will make all texture of vegetables protein and isolate of soy at the same times. It can be harmful for the system.

Reason nine: The soy milk can be harmful and toxic isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. The isoflavones can be found in soy milk in worsen situation especially in breast cancer cases because it can support its growth.

Reason ten: The soy milk comes with phytoestrogens and it is type of estrogen plants and has negative effects on the endocrine. It can increase the risk of infertility and breast cancer.

The carrageenan is an active ingredients found in the soy milk. The American diabetes association has found a connection between carrageenan, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.


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