Why People Should Know Egg Yolk has Different Color

December 1, 2015

Many people probably think that there is different yolk color from conventional caged chicken and organic eggs from massive farm. It is important to know that organic egg have thicker yolk and dark color compared to conventional eggs with thinner yolk and lighter color.

Why People Should Know Egg Yolk has Different Color

Egg yolk

Based on studies from expert nutritionist showed that the different color between both egg yolks from conventional and organic eggs is about the different of nutritional value between both yolks. The dark yolk from organic eggs comes from xanthophylls as ingredient and carotenoid much found in collard, broccoli, kale and spinach.

The chicken that raised from small farm as well as pastured-chicken is not fed well for vegetarian. The pastured chicken can eat small rodent, bugs, grub and worm.

The caged chicken is only fed with grain and their egg yolk have yellow color. Based on this information, it is great evident that pastured chicken or pastured food can’t replaced for vegetarian diet.

The nutrition value

Nowadays, most chicken are raised with organic way and consume for vegetarian diet which contain of protein and grains.

There are many nutrient found from eggs yolk and dark color from this yolk. It mean that eggs yolk contain good nutritional value. Based on one research that showed pastured egg contains of omega three fatty acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and beta carotene.

This is why this type of egg become superior eggs from caged chicken. The pastured chicken is also good for health than massive chicken from massive farm. The natural farm operate their farm operation which let the chicken feed food by themselves, reduce of grain production as feed, using less fossil fuels in the animal waste transportation and fertilize the soil.


Study by the Pennsylvania State University

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