Why You Don’t Need to Get Rid of Your Wisdom Teeth

January 16, 2016

Hello guys, we already know that our wisdom teeth have already been gone as we believed our doctors to remove them without questioning what they did. But don’t you know that we might have made a mistake?

Why You Don’t Need to Get Rid of Your Wisdom Teeth

In this article I will tell you what mistake we might have made and how important the wisdom teeth are.

Let’s discuss this issue

Wisdom teeth are commonly called the Third Molars, the furthest back teeth. They usually appear in the late teens and early twenties. Based on a report released in the American Journal of Public Health, about more than 67% of wisdom teeth extractions in America so far are not really needed. Dr. Weston A. Price, a famous dentist, did a research focusing on the relationship between oral health and diseases; found that some native people were free of tooth decay by almost 100%.

Dr. Price concluded that the overall dental health lie in what called “nutrition”. Based on his research, today’s dentists practice supplying enough nutrients to the jaw bone and they know by doing this way, all 32 teeth will have enough space without crowding. They realize that the only way we can be free of tooth decay is by receiving enough nutrients.

Dr. Price found another thing that when some native people started consuming white flour and sugar, they began experiencing teeth deterioration. In spite of Dr. Price’s research, Jay Friedman, a dental consultant in California, found that at least two-thirds of the whole wisdom teeth extractions were not really needed.

The teeth are important, connected to other organs inside the body as a whole. A Chinese meridian acupuncture system, known since more than 5000 years ago, proves an important connection between teeth and joints, vertebrae, spinal segments, endocrine glands, and other organs. The wisdom teeth are related to small intestine and front side of the pituitary gland.

Some facts claim that more than 46% of motor and sensory nerves in brain’s cerebral cortex are interconnected to face and mouth. The wisdom teeth extraction will only break an acupuncture meridian flowing via the wisdom teeth’s area. Some extractions are classified as dangerous, bringing some big risks that may support what called sudden death.

The classification based on some studies that said that about 57,000-175,000 people who did wisdom extraction have had permanent tingling, prickling or even numbness related to nerve damage. The studies showed that all teeth are connected to every part of our body through nervous system pathways. The conclusion is we don’t need to do wisdom teeth extraction except there is a strong reason to do so.

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