Why You May Never Wish To Clean Your Ears Again

April 2, 2015

We have all been told that nothing should ever be stuck in our ears. Often times, we feel we need to clean the ears, however the stuff that we are pulling out, best known as cerumen, is there to protect the ears. This ear wax will really help to keep the ear clean.

Clean Your Ears

We do have fluid in the ears, which has a function of not only protecting the ear drums but also providing the ear with some antibacterial lubrication. This fluid helps protect the ears from impurities and bacteria. And the best part of this is the fluid will move around the ear, self cleaning it. The fluid moves when an individual talks or chews, so the ear is constantly cleaning itself.

While a person often thinks that when a Q-tip or other like object are inserted in the ear, and moved around, they are removing waxy build up, this is the furthest thing for the truth. In reality, the wax is being pushed further and further into the ear, creating more issues.

There is a risk of fungi, bacteria and infections that can cause the ear issues. When the ear wax is pushed further into the ear, it will block the ear canal, which can lead to hearing loss. There is also the possibility of pushing it in too far and rupturing the ear drum.

Many Americans over a year time span went to the doctor thinking there was an issue with fluids in the ear. Should an individual have issues with the inner ear and are not be able to hear well, the issue is within the ear already.

Do not clean the ears yourself. This will only create more problems. Never stick anything into the ear canal. The outer ear can be cleansed, but the inner ear never should be.


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