Why you Should Avoid Synthetic Vitamin C Since Now

February 4, 2016

Emergen-C® is vitamin C made of soda powdered drink mix. This vitamin is claimed to boost energy and immune response. But there are some concerns regarding this product.

Why you Should Avoid Synthetic Vitamin C Since Now

The first thing is that the claim does not correspond to reality. The manufacturer claimed that they use GMO products, but they can’t guarantee that all the materials used are GMO. They stated that there is no guarantee that they only use ingredients of non-GMO.

Hoffman-LaRoche has what called the biggest drug manufacturing facility in the world. So far, the facility provides 90% of the ascorbic acid circulating in the United States. In fact, most manufacturers of vitamins in the United States buy maize flour based ascorbic acid and volatile acid from Hoffman-LaRoche. Using ascorbic acid, each company makes products with labels and claims similar to synthetic vitamin C.

What is wrong?

Indeed, ascorbic acid and vitamin C are two different materials. You need to realize that almost all vitamin in supplements are synthetic. Each vitamin C that we use in the form of supplement made of ascorbic acid. They have some toxic effects that can disrupt our health.

Gerard Mullin, director of nutrition services at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and author of The Inside Tract, stating that in certain doses, the synthetic vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

Daily doses greater than 500 milligrams a day can cause a problem, but this dose is only half the dose of 1-gram packet of Emergen-C.


– Synthetic vitamin C may be helpful to get rid of probiotic bacteria that live in our intestines.

– Ascorbic acid will inhibit muscle mitochondrial function and its ability to adapt in any physical activity.

– Synthetic vitamin C will encourage cardiovascular disease associated with diabetes and risk of the presence of kidney stones

– Disturbing some neurological functions

Some adverse reactions may be present, such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, insomnia, headache, throat irritation, as well as allergies. I suggest that you leave an unhealthy lifestyle by replacing synthetic vitamin C with natural vitamin contained in various fruits and vegetables.

You can consider red peppers, blueberries, pineapple, cabbage, watermelon, and cauliflower as alternative sources of vitamin C.

Original article and credits: LivingTraditionally.com republished with permission.


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