Why You Should Never Dry Your Laundry Inside of Room?

November 2, 2015

Many people might heard that they should never put laundry inside rooms at home because its evaporation can affect to human health. Craig Mather said that there is no adhere to warning due dry laundry clothes inside room at home. He got lung infection from its effects. Craig suffer from serious lung infection due mold spore and occur from laundry clothes on his radiator in the living room.

Why You Should Never Dry Your Laundry Inside of Room

Why you should never dry your own laundry inside?

I begin to recover when I diagnosed suffer from chronic pulmonary asper gillosis and prescribed specific drugs to fight fungus infection. The doctor said that his problem caused by drying clothes and become worse for last twelve months. He noticed great improvement for his health.

His experience has stand out and the expert warn dry indoor can cause serious health problems. The clothes that set on radiator can increase and raise humidity level inside room for thirty percent and make ideal condition for mold spore development. One bunch of laundry has 2 liter water and released into room. Most people are immune to infection and grow in wet situation. People have body that fight infection.

However, the asthma patient has great experience health problem with breathing and coughing problems and people with immune system like cancer patient with chemotherapy treatment and AIDS patient with auto immune diseases.

The fungal can cause pulmonary asper gillosis and this condition can cause fatal lung infection, Prof David Denning said. He advise laundry to be dried in outside room or on the dryer that put away from living room and bedroom.

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