What is Wine Doing to Your Face? How Bad Diet Habits Destroy Your Complexion

May 31, 2016

As a result of the bad habit of eating everything unhealthy, many skin problems can occur. The famous skin care specialist and naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib has the same opinion and she treats many celebrities like Charlotte Tilbury and Sienna Miller as well as featured for Vanity Fair Magazine.

What is Wine Doing to Your Face How Bad Diet Habits Destroy Your Complexion

What she think is that everything we eat and drink has an impact on our facial skin. Therefore, she named these conditions by the symptoms: gluten face, wine face, sugar face and diary face.

In the book she wrote that she is able to say what a person walking in her clinic is eating most of the time just by watching the face. Sometimes she even watches faces by walking in the street and analyzing what people are eating.

Many times she just wanted to run to the people and tell them to change the way they eat, to cut the milk or pasta from their diet because it is so obvious on their faces how harmful that is. Just one wheat day (cereals, bread and pasta) for some of the people in their daily meals can cause puffiness and bloating in the stomach.

Some wine or several glasses can provoke fine lines around eyes and mouth, or a piece of cheese can produce dark circles under the eyes or several spots in form of breakout if you are intolerant.

Many skin professionals are not adequately trained to read the signs from the face like the Chinese do and they call it face mapping. But, some of the alternative practitioners like Dr.Talib can explain when some of their patients are having drinking problems just by reading the face.

How the face ages is shown by the things we eat or consume too much of it.

If you have problems digesting some of the food or you are intolerant but you are not aware or eating too much so your body cannot dissolve it, there are some changes that happen. Namely, there are hormonal or chemical changes which contribute to fast aging from inside as well as from the outside showing it on the face.

The most damaging food groups are sugar, alcohol, diary and gluten. These food groups can contribute to several aging symptoms like changes in skin tone, sagging, puffiness, spots or premature appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Where you age can indicate which organs are overburdened and even the root cause.

The affected part of your face (chin, cheeks, eyes or forehead) depends of the part of the body mostly upset by some of the food groups. Dr. Talib can identify her client’s symptoms in the ways listed below:

Wine Face

The symptoms for wine face are: dehydrated skin presented with feathery lines across cheeks, redness or defined lines between the eyes, pores which are enlarged, droopy eyelids, deep nasolabial folds, flushed cheeks and nose.

It is named wine face but it is not only wine that can cause all these symptoms – alcohol in general. By consuming high levels of alcohol the skin is dehydrated, liver is damaged and the sugar eliminates the elasticity of the skin.

To fix these symptoms stop consuming alcohol for three weeks and then try to abstain 80% and indulge 20%, recommended rule.

Sugar Face

Symptoms for sugar face are: painful rotten spots over the whole face, lines and wrinkles on the forehead, a gray /pasty white hue to the skin, anorexic look to the face, thinning of the skin,  sagging under the eyes.

The most unhealthy pick-me-up is the sugar intake when we have low energy level. The blood sugar levels decrease and we crave for more sugar or something to give us energy.

One of the symptoms, elimination of skin elasticity, can be shown on the forehead since it is connected with digestion, and the sugar face is manifested through wrinkles and blotches.

Sugar can also shake the balance in our digestive system and can be devastating not only for the face but for the body as well.

There is a way to fix it, the only thing you should do is no more processed sugar for you. It is hard for everyone addicted to stop eating sugar immediately, but if you cut it off gradually, the chances of improved complexion are high. Use more natural alternatives like honey, dates and fruit, you just need to determine what sugar is good for you.

Dairy Face

The symptoms for dairy face are: bumps on the chin, baggy and dark circles under eyes, swollen eyelids, small white spots.

As the time passes, some people are not able to digest milk and the products produced by it in a proper way. This situation can cause pain since the body cannot dissolve extra diary so chemicals and inflammation are produced.

The same inflammation that produces swelling, heat and redness around a sprained ankle can cause bags or dark circles and puffy eyes.

The milk sold in the markets is full with hormones injected in the cows. These can disrupt your hormone system and can appear on the chin as the representative for the reproductive organs according to face mapping.

Remove the diary completely from tour regular diet and try to do this for three weeks observing the changes your complexion is making.

Gluten Face

Symptoms shown on the face: dark pigmentation patches, puffy red cheeks or spots around the chin.

People often react to gluten with their immune system and disbalance on the reproductivity hormones on the chin since the reproductive organs are connected through it.

If someone you know suffers from Rosacea, a condition in which the skin of the cheeks turns red advice them to cut off the gluten from their everyday meals.

To fix the gluten symptoms you must remove it completely, drink water and consume food full with fiber. This will reduce the redness and bring back the normal color of your cheeks.

Source: Healthydoc | Daily Mail

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