October 3, 2013

 YARROW-the most benefits herb

Yarrow, Latin name – Achillea millefolium – the Latin name comes from the mythical hero Achilles,with which it is cured at an early Telefus.
By staff yarrow is not enough tested but it is known that contains vitamin K, 0.05 -0.4% essential oils,
bitter substances ahilein, flobatanina, contains about 10% cineol, pinene, caryophyllene, thujone, borneol, and formic valeric acid.


Yarrow was bitter after taste and aroma is used as a tonic,Stomachic,stimulant,antispasmodic.
Well acted against hemorrhoids, also used internally in the foreign and foreign wound.
Given against inflammation and intestinal and stomach,obstacles in the kidneys and spleen.

It works on pollution infections and rapid closure of tissue in foreign wound act tannins and etartic oil.
Used for strengthening for appetite, is not cause toxic habits and enter into a number of tea combinations.


Is used for asthma, stone in the kidney, against gases, hard to digest food, the editing chair for stopping whites and infections,
for health of vaginal flora and infection is made in combination with Teucrium chamaedrys,acted and pleasing to the boil in stomach,
used for the tanning oil and a strong factor in protection from sun with olive oil.

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