You Must be Aware of This! Death in a bottle!

January 15, 2016

Surely, after reading this article, you wouldn’t use the hand sanitizer again. You already know what the hand sanitizer is, don’t you? The hand sanitizer is an inseparable part of cleaning matter. But don’t you know that this one can bring some dangerous effects to you?

You Must be Aware of This! Death in a bottle!

Warning: why you should be avoiding the hand sanitized in your entire life!

You should focus on how the hand sanitizer can kill most bacteria over your hands. This means the hand sanitizer contains some poisonous ingredients that are strong enough to kill bacteria.

Based on this fact, you should know that the hand sanitizer can kill all bacteria, no matter bad or good.

How harmful the hand sanitizer is

While killing bad bacteria and germs that support diseases like cold and flu, the hand sanitizer also kill good bacteria. The good bacteria live inside our body and they are needed to keep your framework still in normal condition. They are also involved in everyday’s battles against bad bacteria that enter our body.

By killing the good bacteria, the hand sanitizer at same time harms our immune system. When our immune system is disturbed, the harmful germs will grow more and more rapid. In the end, you will become ill and your health condition will decline faster.

Another ingredient contained in most hand sanitizers is Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is dangerous, especially for our endocrine system. The endocrine system functions as hormones deliverer and body controller. The higher BPA amount in the blood, the bigger the risks of malignancy, diabetes, infertility, and coronary problems.

The last question: What should we do to clean our hands? We still can clean our hands perfectly using soap and warm water. Wash our hands as we usually did before. Everything will be okay.

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