You Only Need This One Ingredient to Regrow Your Hair!

October 15, 2015

Castor oil is indispensable to overcome the problem of hair on the basis of its contents; vitamin E, minerals, protein, no exception for antibacterial and anti fungal properties. This oil also contains omega-9 fatty acid that is essential for the growth and regeneration of hair follicles.

You Only Need This One Ingredient to Regrow Your Hair

Castor oil is made up largely of ricinoleic omega 9 unsaturated acid, capable of supporting thickening of eyelashes as well as eyebrows.This oil can penetrate the pores and follicles to stimulate hair growth from within.

In this article, you will be given some information related to the use of castor oil:

Hair and Dandruff

Fungicides and insecticides contained by castor oil can protect your scalp from the threat of microbes and fungi that have the potential to cause infection. Not only that, the content owned by fungicide is able to minimize the problem of dandruff.


Ricinoleic acid owned by the oil is able to disrupt the process of bacterial growth, as well as the process of viral infection.


Again, ricinoleic acid is able to nourish the outer layer of skin, preventing the growth of new acne.


Castor oil provides regularity in bowel movements, and eventually preventing inflammation of the intestine.

Improve and enhance the function of the lymphatic system

According to Dr. David Williams, so far there is no drug that can improve the function of the lymphatic by 100% but if there is one application that can be applied to nearly 100%, then the castor oil is the best answer.

Menstrual disorders

This oil is used in treating menstrual cramps.

Syndrome, colitis and dysentery

Castor oil can act as anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory agent thanks to its ricinoleic acid content.

How to do castor oil therapy

Castor oil therapy can bring positive results in the treatment of kidney stones, joint swelling, irritable bowel, inflammation of the digestive tract. The treatment should be done the right way, as described as follows:

Dye a piece of cloth in castor oil and rub the damp cloth on the skin. After done, leave for 60 minutes.

Perform this treatment at least three times a week. You can mix castor oil with hot water for a better result.

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