You Will Not Believe What Happen to This Woman who Drank Carrot Juice for Eight Months Daily

November 15, 2015

An author kid’s book, Ann Cameron was devastated when she found out that she got colon cancer.

In june, 2012, Anna get 3rd phase of colon cancer and she felt that it was terrifying because her husband was passed away from lung cancer (2005) after chemotherapy treatment. Anna opted to not take chemotherapy after her husband passed away.

You will not believe what happen to this woman who drank carrot juice for eight months daily

I was exposed to take colon cancer operation in June, 2012 and I denied healing with chemotherapy.

I was feeling good and after 6 months my cancer was spread to my lung and entry to 4th phase, Anna said.

Anna found this story about a man who diagnosed from skin cancer and cure effectively by consume 2,5 kg of carrot juice in everyday. Anna through that it was worth and she gave and try a whirl.

How about the result?

– 8 weeks later, Anna’s tumor was stopped in spreading. Her lymph glands and tumor began to shrink

– 4 months later, Anne was back to normal life and tumor was continue in withdrawal.

– 8 months later, tomography test indicate and showed that her cancer was gone and dissaper completely

It’s mystery with whatever she did with the trick. There is no doubt that carrot rich of anti cancer and have carotene compound which has been found effective to protect people from tumor growth. Anna wrote about this experience in her book, called curing cancer with carrot.

So, if you find and diagnosed with dangerous cancer, it is time to keep and open your mind. Whatever that work for someone might not work for else, but carrot juice is the best natural cures for cancer.

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