Your Personality Revealed by Your Finger Lengths?

January 20, 2016

Your own body says about what you really are. You can see your finger length and it can be an important indicator for determining your personality.

Your personality revealed by your finger lengths

A. Charming and Logical

If someone has a longer ring finger, he/she has a big possibility to be logical and charming. People with longer ring finger tend to be able to control their emotions. This group is very suitable with some jobs, such as scientist, soldier, engineer, etc.

B. Confident

People with short ring finger and index fingers are likely they are confident people. This group tends to be super-focused, that they are difficult to be interrupted when they are working on something.

C. Peace and Non-Conflict

In fact, some notable researches based on their studies said that the finger length does tell about person’s personality. A study released by the Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology and Northumbria University, was observing more than 1,300

British people, men and women. The study found that the shorter index finger, the higher testosterone levels need to be exposed and the greater sexual promiscuity.

Another study released at 2001 and published in the Journal of Andrology found than man with the shorter index finger compared with their ring finger are likely having a larger penis.

Personality and sexual adequacy are not the only things revealed by the finger lengths. Based on The Telegraph reports, a study run by the University of Warwick and the Institute of Cancer Research found that man with index finger longer than their ring finger were less likely to develop prostate cancer. Sound interesting, right?

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