These TWO Ingredients Can Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

March 17, 2016

Earwax is a problem for most people, and ear infection is a painful experience that can interfere with your daily activities. Most people use chemical drugs, but as we have known, chemical drugs can carry side effects. Fortunately some people have achieved success in finding a natural remedy for ear infection and ear wax. They only use two ingredients commonly available in the kitchen.
These TWO Ingredients Can Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

Here is a simple recipe made of two ingredients that is very effective in dealing with these two issues; ear infections and ear wax.

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You only need to use white vinegar and alcohol. Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol in a cup.

Combine both ingredients and use a clean eye dropper to insert the mixture into your ear. You need to tilt your head to allow the mixture to dwell in your ear for 1 minute. After 1 minute then you can tilt back your head to remove the mixture.

Repeat this method to the other ear and you’ll get a complete result. According to Dr. Robert L. Martin, alcohol can dry at the same time push ear bleeding and cracked skin, therefore be sure to use the mixture when you’re in a humid environment. Dr Martin recommends anyone to undertake this method twice a day for 4 days or 8 times in total. If you suffer from chronic ear moist then you can run this method up to 2 weeks. This herb is also highly recommended for every sinus sufferer and should be used as a preventive rather than as a treatment.

Several factors may cause ear infections:
• Higher outside temperature
• Higher air humidity
• Exposure to moisture in a long time period
The swimmers tend to get ear infection because their ears are exposed to water for a long time. Moist environment is a supporter of infection caused by fungi and bacteria. For prevention, you should avoid excessive moisture in your ears by using earplugs when you’re swimming or diving. Avoid water enter into your ears as much as possible and use a cotton swab to clean your ears regularly. This action needs to be taken to minimize the risk of ear wax which can lead to infection.

Common symptoms of ear infection
Bacteria and fungi love moist places and they bring a lot of health problems. Vinegar and alcohol serves as a killer for bacteria and fungi. Here are some common symptoms of ear infection:
• Pain
• Itchy
• Hearing disorders
• Strange ear-related feeling
• “Ear containing fluid” feeling


Wax buildup in the ear is an unnatural thing because the ear has a natural mechanism to get cleaned up. An irony that sometimes we are the primary cause of the buildup of wax as instead of cleaning, we actually push the wax further into the ear with a cotton stick. Here are some common symptoms of a buildup of earwax:
• Ringing in the ears
• Dizzy
• Drainage
• Itchy
• Decrease in the ability to hear
• Pain
• Plugged ear feeling
Dr Martin found healthy ear is able to clean itself naturally and if we find a pile of earwax, then it is a strong sign that there is an infection in the ear. If you find the above symptoms then you should immediately consult your doctor. You need an otolaryngologist!


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